Random NFT Airdrops

  • After some time in the NFT space you will from time to time notice a random NFT in your account that you do not recognize.
  • These airdropped NFTs tend to be scams and are involved in a variety of attacks.
  • A dusting attack will track wallets that attempt to spend or sell these assets which allows the trackers to deanonymize wallet addresses and better social engineer them.
  • Potentially malicious smart contracts may also be connected to these NFTs that will prompt you to transfer crypto and other assets out of your wallet when attempting to sell or transfer the airdropped NFT.
  • Best practice for these airdropped NFTs is to hide the NFT from your account so that you do not accidentally interact with it.
  • Hiding the NFT will not get rid of it from your account but it will prevent a malicious interaction from taking place in your wallet that could have major consequences.

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