Join us on Discord

Public Discord

It’s all about Community! WhiteBeak holder or not–everyone is welcome.

Our Discord is designed to enhance the Chicken Derby experience and bring together like-minded derby enthusiasts for teamwork and support.

Come chat, learn, strategize and join the fun!

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Snacks are on us!

WBG Snacks

We work long and Play hard. To make sure we keep that little edge The WhiteBeaks provide free snacks and energy through the ☕️free-snacks channel in our Discord.

Early morning, late night or when you need a little extra refueling, grab a coffee on us and let’s keep working!

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Contests, Giveaways and Merch

WBG Giveaways

You’re missing out if you’re not joining our contests and giveaways.

Would you like one of our WhiteBeak coffee mugs? Want to win some Chickens for the Derby? How does winning another WhiteBeak sound?

Come on in and join the games, share some laughs, create a meme and have some fun.

Loads of contests and giveaways for our WhiteBeak Merch and other items in the 🎉Giveaways channel.

Clock is ticking!!

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3..2..1.. Website Activated.. Not just for WhiteBeaks!

WBG Website

Of course you’ll find your WhiteBeak official news and updates from the WhiteBeak Community.

But you’ll also find information on our Official Partners, our Showcase of Merchandise, Roadmap, Blogs and more!

There’s a few more surprises up our sleeve.. Coming Soon!!

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WhiteBeakGang Token Launch

WBG Mystery

You heard that right!

These limited edition tokens will be used to grant access to the WhiteBeak Community as well as qualify you for even MORE games, contests and giveaways!

We have some other utilities we’re working on. Stay Tuned! More to come..

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Bawku.. Hawku for Chickens!

Chicken Analysis Websites

The amazing market analysis that Hawku provides for the ever so popular Zed Run is desperately needed for our Chickens! No one understands this more than us!

So, WhiteBeakGang is building it! Our new Bawku project will be open to the community, not just WhiteBeak members.

The WhiteBeakGang wants to ensure that the entire Chicken Derby Community is able to access this bank of information so that everyone can view the data and make well-informed decisions on how to manage your coop.

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WhiteBeakGang DAO

WBG Mystery

Our DAO is on the way!

This will be a collaborative approach to asset management amongst our team members.

More details will be coming soon on how to join and qualify for our DAO.

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WhiteBeakGang Incubator

WBG Incubator

This is all for our community.

The Incubator’s mission is to provide the necessary network of resources and support to help jump start even MORE community projects!

Talk to us about your project and we’ll see what we can do.

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